Despite covid-19 restrictions across the majority of the country, interstate travel within Queensland was still permissible.

On the 17th of October 2020 Mostyn Swain, my photography partner and I flew from Townsville to the Sunshine Coast & despite the fact the airline recommended everyone wear face masks it was apparent that message was not passed on to the flight crew.

We arrived in beautiful Brisbane and jumped in a hire car which turned out to be a little bit on the small side give me the amount of photography luggage we had to carry.

Finally making it to Sunshine Beach in the Sunshine Coast we arrived at our apartment La mer a beautiful spacious 2 bedroom apartments (highly recommended)

As always and especially when time permits we scouted out the location of where we felt we could capture some beautiful images for Daniel and Athena.

18th of October I headed over to where the bride and her bridesmaids would be getting ready, Mostyn to join the gentleman later on during the day however, given traffic was so heavy getting into the location Mostyn arrived earlier than normal and spent good quality time with the boys capturing some incredible images.

I had the pleasure of spending the morning with the bride and bridesmaids, the hairdresser, makeup artist and the brides mother. I witnessed and photographed the nerves, the excitement, the fun and the anticipation. Looking so beautiful Athena was now ready to get married.

The groom looked nervously towards where his beautiful bride would be appearing who was only minutes away.

Arriving in a 1965 Volkswagen kombi van Athena was looking radiant. Supported by her bridal party she made her way towards Daniel.

A beautiful wedding in a stunning location overlooking a pristine beach with amazing people- picture perfect.

I love my job and working with Daniel and Athena to record their special day makes every minute of what I do worthwhile.

Thank you Daniel & Athena x