So today I took the opportunity to grab a few photos of the lovely Melanie Bragg while she's back in Townsville. Melanie is here to do a promotional shoot off which I can't disclose but managed to steal some time with her to grab some photos.

I've discussed with Mel the theme behind the idea I had, and to her credit Mel let me run with it no questions asked. Originally I was hoping to find some lush tropical plants but unfortunately the location Mel need to be at didn't provide any, so the composite was born. All I need from Mel is a couple of photos standing with some greenery behind her with her mouth covered by a surgical face mask. The idea was to focus on Mel's eyes and then composite her into the shoot, fortunately I had my shot within 5 shutter clicks. From there we're going to head off to a "secret location" where we were going to set up a fake photo shoot which was to form part of the promotional video with Mel and her Father. Mel has appeared a few times in front of my lens of which I am very grateful, her FB profile picture is one my photos and one of my all time favorites . Below is just a few of the images of Mel I have taken in the last couple of years.